Online & Offline Design

Al Rayan Bank

Al Rayan Bank is the UK’s oldest and largest Sharia compliant retail bank.

ARB were experiencing poor conversion rates for their home finance products. I worked on this project where the main aim was to increase the conversion rate, make the products easier to understand for customers, and give them a platform that they could track their application on – as it’s a slightly more complicated service to be Sharia compliment customers needed a way to track their progress, upload documents and have a clear break down of what is required of them.

  • Home finance eligibility assesment
  • Online call back form
  • Paper application forms
  • Suite of letters
  • Banking statements
  • Savings application
  • Email design
  • Post application tracker



Web Design
Form Design
Online UX
Offline document suite
Information Design


Whilst paper forms still have a place (and were also redesigned) an online hub for all applications makes it easier for clients to apply and keep track of their applications – thus bringing down the number of enquiries made over the phone/email.

Clinets now have an online process where they can go and fill in an assement to see if they qualify for a Home Purchase Plan, this increased applications by 33% in the first month of it going live. 

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